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8/23/17 – Two Lakes

Day 121 Miles: 2,292.38 to 2,312.05 Total miles hiked: 1,671.01 (plus 0.5 miles to trailhead, plus 0.3 miles to Two Lakes) When a freshly brewed coffee is involved, the day never starts early.… Continue reading

8/22/17 – White Pass

Day 120 Miles: 2,277.03 to 2,292.38 Total miles hiked: 1,651.34 “Whom of our Washington hiking friends do you think we would meet on the trail first?” Dave asked yesterday. “Tim Nair,” was my… Continue reading

8/21/17 – The Dreaded Knife Edge

Day 119 Miles: 2,256.27 to 2,277.03 Total miles hiked: 1,635.99 Those of you who hiked with me before know that I am not particularly fond of narrow exposed ridges. Don’t take me wrong,… Continue reading

8/20/17 – Fabulous Mt. Adams Wilderness 

Day 118 Miles: 2,233.04 to 2,256.27 Total miles hiked: 1,615.23 We woke up to the morning darkness but by the time we were packed and ready to go, daylight arrived and sunrise over… Continue reading

8/19/17 – Huckleberry Feast

Day 117 Miles: 2,226.35 to 2,233.04 Total miles hiked: 1,592.00 I have to admit getting up from the comfort and warmth of the bed at Trout Lake Valley Inn was not an easy… Continue reading

8/18/17 – The Day We Timed It Right

Day 116 Miles: 2,202.74 to 2,226.35 Total miles hiked: 1,585.31 “I’m so comfortable right now,” I said when our alarm woke us from blissful sleep. “And I’m tired too.” “Do you want to… Continue reading

8/17/17 – Up and Up and Up We Go

Blog 8/17 – Up and Up and Up Day 115 Miles: 2,179.59 to 2,202.74 Total miles hiked: 1,561.70 It’s curious how miles can feel completely different from one day to another. Yesterday we… Continue reading

8/16/17 – Panther Creek

Day 114 Miles: 2,159.26 to 2,179.59 Total miles hiked: 1,538.55 The days are getting shorter. Daylight did not welcome us when we woke up at 5:00 a.m. today. Instead the horizon carried hues… Continue reading

8/15/17 – First Climb in Washington 

Day 113 Miles: 2,144.19 to 2,159.26 Total miles hiked: 1,518.22 I was little worried about going back to the trail after 3.5 days off and starting right off the bat by climbing out… Continue reading

8/11/17 to 8/13/17 – Washington Postponed 

Days 109 + 110 + 111 Miles: 0 No matter how excited we were to start hiking in our home state, the trail once again had a different plan for us and instead… Continue reading