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7/2/17 – Back in Civilization Again

Day 70 Miles: 1,486.94 to 1,498.65 Total miles hiked: 914.80 The wind blew strong through the night, we could hear it in the crowns of the trees. Not much of it touched the… Continue reading

6/30/17 – Wildlife

Day 68Miles: 1,447.55 to 1,468.42 Total miles hiked: 884.57 Our site was perfectly flat and comfortable and the moment I saw it, I immediately though a really good night sleep. And it was.… Continue reading

6/29/17 – Slow Miles

Day 67 Miles: 1,432.10 to 1,447.55 Total miles hiked: 863.70 I wish we could have a site with a view every day. It was awesome to wake up and see Mt. Shasta basking… Continue reading