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Union Peak

Even here in Washington State the sun peeks out through the clouds once in awhile, and occasionally we get lucky and the sunny day aligns with a weekend. There are many places to… Continue reading

The Call of an Adventure

Have you ever considered walking the length of an entire country?  2,600-odd miles on a trail that visits some of the most amazing expanses of the American wilderness, and for days at a time… Continue reading

Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Situated in the Northwest corner of the United States San Juan Island is a breathtaking gem of deep forests surrounded by shining sea. The time seems to go slower here as you stroll… Continue reading

Laugavegur Day 3 – Altavatn to Emstrur (Botnar)

Distance: 9.5 miles Altavatn is a busy place. The camping area in front of the hut overlooks the lake. It’s a large area that can easily hold 100 tents. People come until late… Continue reading

Welcome Pass – Excelsior Peak Traverse

If you crave supreme views of the North Cascades, Excelsior Peak is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. The vistas, including such icons as Mount Baker and Mount Skuksan, stretch all the way to… Continue reading

Park Butte Lookout

During the height of their time in the 1930’s there were around 5000 fire lookouts constructed in the US, perched atop tall rugged and often not easily accessible mountain tops. Washington State alone… Continue reading

Crater Lake Loop

Crater Lake, a gem of the Cascades, is nested in a caldera of Mount Mazama, dormant stratovolcano which was a part of the Oregon’s segment of the Cascade Volcanic Arc. During it’s last… Continue reading