6/5/17 – Forest, for a change

Day 43 Miles: 587.25 to 604.43 Today the trail took us through another burn and our friend Poodle Dog Bush was back, and its tiny purple blooms, as poisonous as they were, livened… Continue reading

6/4/17 – Back on the Trail

Day 42 Miles: 566 to 587.25 Our strategy today was to hike little over 17 miles to Golden Oaks spring. It was supposed to be a hot day, and if we got at… Continue reading

6/2 + 6/3 Double Zero

Days: 40 and 41 Miles: 0 It was weekend and weekends are meant for rest, right? So even though we arrived to Tehachapi a day earlier than expected, we decided to keep our… Continue reading

6/1/17 – Flying

Day 39 Miles: 541.5 to 566.4 “How much water should we carry?” Dave asked. Ahead of us was a 25 mile waterless stretch, and this was Mojave, the hot unforgiving desert we had… Continue reading

5/31/17 – Mojave Rain

Day 38 Miles: 517 to 541.5 “Wouldn’t it be fun if it rained on us in Mojave?” I joked couple of days ago while the sun was baking up to perfection.  Today we… Continue reading

5/30/17 – Hiker Town

Day 37 Miles: 508 to 517 The trail finally dropped us on the desert floor today. It did so in a course of 10 miles during which we had a chance to witness… Continue reading

5/29/17 – I Will Walk 500 Miles…

Day: 36 Miles: 493.5 to 508 The alarm rang at 4:00 a.m. this morning and while looking into the darkness of the pre-dawn world, my mind recollecte the words we heard often when… Continue reading

5/28/17 – Hot Hot and Hotter

Day 35 Miles: 477 to 493.4 When the forecast suggests a hot day, we like to set our alarm early and hike most of our daily miles while it’s still cool outside. Today;… Continue reading


Day 34 Miles: 465.50 to 477 Climbing 3,000 feet on a 85 degree day can be fun. Seriously. All you have to do is set your alarm for 4:00 in the morning and… Continue reading


Day 33 Miles: 454 to 465.50 Hiker Heaven has a two nights maximum stay and I’m sure if the limit was not set, some hikers would gladly spend the duration of their hike… Continue reading