6/15/17 – Of Bugs and Views

Day 53
Miles: 719.00 to 735.27
Ancient trees, fabulous rock formations, and snow capped peaks in the distance. That’s a quick summary of today. And mosquitoes. I can’t forget the mosquitoes. They were represented in hundreds and swarmed around us as soon as we paused to take a break. 

We worked hard for this view

The trail started on an uphill grade and having a break or two would had been nice. We tried. Three times and it literally took the buggers less than 10 seconds to find us. 

I felt like I was going slow today. The grade was not steep but the terrain we crossed reached altitude of 9,000 feet shortly after we left camp and it stayed above it for the entire day. Still we had 12 miles covered by lunch, thanks to the mosquitoes who did not let us rest.

Beauty in detail

Bug situation was better down at Death Canyon Creek. We could sit down and have a lunch without being eaten alive.

I really enjoyed our afternoon hike. It took us on steeper uphill than the morning trail but it surrounded us with ancient trees with twisted trunks and beautiful reddish bark, and fantastic rock formations. In the distance we could see the snow capped peaks of High Sierra. We hardly could wish for anything more… except maybe a site with a view. 

Eye catching tree. The forest was full of them.

We found one. At 10,700 feet, our highest elevation of the day. It did not fit our usual “hike hike, sleep low” strategy but neither of us felt any signed of altitude sickness and the large and beautifully flat spot surrounded by several smaller rock stacks that offered fabulous view of Owen Valley was simply too good to pass. Definitely the best site of the entire trip. 

Evening view into Owens Valley

Sunset started coloring the landscape