6/13/17 – Hanging Around Kennedy Meadows 

Day 51
Miles: 0
I was not feeling my best in the morning, combination of dust and dry environment, I suspect, that made my throat sore and sinuses plugged. 

General Store decorations

I was not in a mood to move, and luckily we didn’t have to, at least not until 7:35 when Dave woke me, asking if I can get ready fast enough to catch the first shuttle to Grumpy Bear, restaurant about 2 miles from the General Store where we camped.

We ended up catching shuttle number three, and when we arrived at Grumpy Bear’s the place was packed with hungry hikers. 

Making of giant pancakes at Grumpy Bear’s

There was only one item on the menu, pancakes with a side of eggs, bacon and potatoes. I have never seen pancakes that big. Dave and I split one order and we were stuffed.

Pancake challenge. Even the regular one was way too big. This one is three times the size

After Grumpy Bear’s we paid a brief visit to Triple Crown Outfitters, small store run by Yogi and Worldwide that carried a nice selection of hiking essentials.

For the rest of the day we hanged out on the porch of the general store greeting newcomers and talking, guess about what… of course, the Sierra.

Beans and canned fruit, a creative dinner

Tomorrow will be our first official day out of the desert and I’m looking forward to the change of the scenery. We will hike three more days before descending to Lone Pine through Mulkey Pass and making our final decision on where to hike next. I’m curious how things will play out.