Day 20
Miles: 266 to 285.5

Have you ever considered how much a week worth of food weights? Me neither. Until I actually had to pack ratios for six days in my pack and hoist it on my back. It wasn’t fun.

Luckily the terrain was quite gentle once again with very slow ups and shallow downs, and the only obstacles were couple rock slides and few fallen trees, and so in the end varying the pack was not as bad as I had imagined it would be. My back did not start complaining until mile 15, and still we managed about 4 more miles afterwards.

In the morning we had a very nice view of Bear Lake area from a ridge the trail took us on. We enjoyed the sight of the mountain towering above the lake with its highest points still dusted with snow.

Closer we could admire variety of wildflowers, Indian Painbrush, and flox, and when the trail spit us on the other side, there we found a decent amount of lupine.

Pushing 20 miles felt easy today, due to the unchallenging terrain and good rest we enjoyed in Big Bear Lake. We made it to camp around 4:30 pm which gave us enough time to complete our evening chores and still enjoy little bit of time chilling with Amanda and Larry before hiker midnight stroked and we retired to our tents.