Day 19

Miles: 0

I woke up couple of times during the night thinking: ‘Oh, the site is so comfortable and warm today’. And then I remembered we were not sleeping in a tent for a chance.
We had three chores on our list today – grocery shopping, post office visit, and to fix Dave’s leaking pad. 
Grocery shopping came first. After an unsuccessful hitch we walked a mile to reach the store and spend about hour and half browsing the isles in a search of meals for next 6 days.
At the same time Dave noticed a post office at the same strip mall where the grocery store was located and started to freak out when he realized we have to go back to hotel, repack our package and head back here to mail it to the next city. 
“For some reason I thought the post office is close to our hotel,” he said.
“Maybe there are two post offices, ” I suggested. 
“In this small town? I doubt it.” Dave said and continued being little grumpy about not checking the town map more properly.
To save time, we called an uber to take us the mile back to our hotel and the driver agreed to wait for us and drive us to the post office and back again. It was when we were waiting in the line when Dave checked the town map out of curiosity once again and found out that there indeed was another post office (much bigger one) close to our hotel. 
When chores were finally done, we contacted Amanda and Larry to see if they were up for something and we ended up heading out for dinner to Indian restaurant in Big Bear Lake.