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WONDERLAND TRAIL, Day 3, Mystic Lake – Sunrise Camp, 8/6/2012

Getting up early paid off. Not only we escaped the heat, most of the morning was overcast, but we also got to Sunrise Camp first, and though could be really picky about choosing… Continue reading

WONDERLAND TRAIL, Day 2, Cataract Valley – Mystic Lake, 8/5/2012

The morning sun woke us up at 6:30 a.m., and it was surprisingly warm already. So warm that even a downhill walk under a thick canopy of trees produced sweat. Various berry bushes… Continue reading

WONDERLAND TRAIL, Day 1, Mowich Lake – Cataract Valley, 8/4/2012

When I first learned that I would have to switch my vacation from beginning of July to beginning of August due to some scheduling difficulties in our office, I frowned. Four more weeks… Continue reading