Day 7

Mile: 91 to 105

The temperature fell considerably during the night. It was cold in the morning as well. But the cold didn’t last long. The sun was upon us as soon as we climbed out of our camping area and without breeze it was hot today.
Scenery was similar to what we experienced yesterday. Rolling trail hugging the folds and creases of the mountain side. 

Just few minutes into the hike, I stepped over a snake. It wasn’t a rattler and it was on it’s way away from me so it didn’t freak me out completely but I was definitely on a watch for most of the morning.

Today we crossed 100 mile mark. Everybody stopped to take a photo there so I’m sure if you are following other PCT blogs, you saw it already, but here it is anyway. 

At 11:40 we arrived at Barrel Spring, and it was still flowing well. We refilled all our bottles since this was our last water source before Warner Spring which was still 8 miles away and with my foot I wasn’t sure I wanted to hike the distance. We did 9 miles to this point already.

Three hour siesta at Barrel Spring felt great. So did the watermelon a trail angel brought together with oranges and coke. It was such a nice gesture and it totally made my day.

At 2:30 we walked back into the afternoon heat. I poured the cold spring water over my shirt to reduce the effect of the scorching sun, and it felt great. 
In the afternoon we walked mostly through vast open meadows. Breeze combed through the tall grass and the stalks bent gently under its touch. 

We could have pushed to Warner Spring. It was a tempting option considering that our trail family was there, and other friends we met along the trail as well. But in the end we chose to camp 4 miles before the town in a lovely grove of trees. My foot asked for rest and it was the least I could do for it as a thank you for carrying me over the first 100 miles of the trail.