Westweg Day 2: Birkenfeld – Dobel

After a lazy morning, we enjoyed a lazy day of trekking. The terrain wasn’t challenging and so we had plenty of opportunities to notice small things in our surroundings.

First of all we noticed the blackberries. They were present for most of the day and they just started to ripen. We had our fair share.

Flowers along the trail.

We also noticed the huts that we were told we are allowed to camp at. They were simple, a roof with a picnic table underneath and they were usually close to a road, but most looked rather new and the area was clean so it would be ok to spend a night there, and after today when the rain should subside, we are likely to take an advantage of them.

We also noticed variety of flowers, some of which were completely new to us, and mushrooms, there were a lot of them to be seen today, though majority was not edible. I only found one bolete; I left it behind since we don’t have a way to conserve it. The find still made me happy.

Small library in one of the shelters.

There was also a series of paintings along part of the trail, each accompanied by a brief description. I made a mental note to download German to google translate so that I can use the offline mode in situations like this one. I was curious about the origin of the painting and their significance but my German unfortunately does not go much further past ordering in restaurant or asking for time and they will forever remain a mystery.

Art along the trail

Dobel, our destination, was a small town built along the road that crosses it. There was a small butcher, bakery, restaurant, and a grocery store. And a hotel that looked way too fancy for a small town like this one, with large rooms, and bathroom just as big as the room furnished with a shower that would play music when you hopped in. It sounded good after our walk so we treated ourselves to the luxury. It felt really good, until I stabbed my left big toe on a small step, if it even deserves that designation, in the bathroom. I’m not sure why the entire bathroom floor was not laid flat, there really was no logical reason for the inch high rise in front of the toilet, and now I’m in the bed and my toe is throbbing and when I try to walk it hurts. Hello my friend Ibuprofen.

We stopped to explore some beautiful rocks along today’s stage.


NOTES: August 20, 2019

The walk was easy today, terrain did not pose any physical or psychological challenges. Most of the day we were on a wide gravel forest road.

There are many other trails in the area, often crossing the Westweg. Pay attention at the intersections to make sure you continue on the correct path.

There were no refreshments available along the trail, bring enough food and water to last you all the way to Dobel if you don’t want to make unnecessary side trips.

We booked our hotel shortly prior to arriving to Dobel at 2:00 p.m. When we checked later (at 4:00 p.m.) there was no place available in town on Booking.com or Expedia. It surprised us, considering it was Tuesday. Our room was €80 including breakfast.

The town shuts down during mid day. Stores are closed for lunch. Restaurant is open during lunch but closes at 2:00 p.m. and does not reopen until 5:00 p.m. when dinner is served. Prices are reasonable.

Our fancy music playing shower.