7/16/18 – Showers Lake

Day 26

Miles: 1,090.76 to 1,081.90

Hiking the PCT is not always about the miles you make, or the sights you see. Often the most rewarding experience comes from meeting unique and amazing people that the adventure serendipitously brings your way just like it happened to us at Hwy 50 when Joan picked us up, two dusty, sweaty hikers, and invited us to her home. We spend two nights with Joan and Jim, and their dog Lucky. I could not even express in words how much they did for us during our stay and I hope our path will cross again someday in the future.

Today Jim drives us to the post office where we are reunited with Swayed and Roller. Swayed’s medicine arrived, and we are off to the trail. It’s noon when we start hiking, the air is hot and stale and there’s a steep 1,000 feet climb in our way. This hiking business is not always easy, and it can be especially hard coming out of town with 5 days worth of food in your bag. We sweat a lot today.

Once we reach the top of the hill, the trail drops on the other side and meanders through meadows of wildflowers. I haven’t seen wild lupin so high ever before, or so deeply blue. There are some gnarly trees lining the trail again. Thanks to Jim and Joan we now know they are junipers. Stunning trees for sure.

Our destination is Showers Lake. The Lake sits pretty bellow a grassy slope with some light granite boulders thrown here and there that from a distance look like a heard of mountain goats.

Campsites are plentiful. We set up, cook dinner, and shortly after seven, we are in bed, getting rest for whatever adventure tomorrow brings.