7/13/18 Aloha Lake

Day 23

Miles: 1,108.53 to 1,099.74

Waking up to a sunrise over an alpine lake is like a dream. I listen to the soft sound of the morning waves gently touching the shore. Sun colors the slopes on the opposite side of the lake.

The clouds start coming shortly after sunrise and by the time we climb out of the lake and start making our way up Dicks Pass, it’s cold and windy.

Dicks Pass, the highest point of our day welcomes us with raindrops. It’s not raining hard. Few drops, that’s it but the temperature plummets and I reach for my down jacket to keep me warm while we are contacting trail angels in South Lake Tahoe to see if anybody could provide accommodation tomorrow. Celebrity golf tournament s happening and the prices are through the roof. There is no cell service after we leave the pass and we won’t know until tomorrow if anybody responded.

The trail takes us through some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. Pristine alpine lakes, stunning trees, gnarly and twisted, that take our breath away.

By the time we arrive at Aloha Lake the sun broke through the clouds and it’s scorching hot. The difference in temperature is striking. It’s too hot to set up so we go to the lake to cool of first.

So much to explore here. Peaks that beg to be climbed. Lake shore asking to be travelled. There are other lakes the PCT does not go around. One day I’d like to come back and explore the possibilities of this area more deeply.

For today I scramble small peak above our campsite. It has a spectacular view of two lakes. From up there I see the clouds coming back. Hopefully it’s not going to rain.