7/11/18 – Strolling

Day 21

Miles: 1,140.76 to 1,123.31

I’m surprised how warm it is in the morning. The temperature dropped in the evening, I even reached for my puffy, but now it’s pleasant again.

The trail has us climb to the top of a hill, approximately 400 feet. Steep uphill it is. I’m glad when it’s over and we start strolling down the other side through flower filled meadows. Lady Meow Meow is just few feet ahead of us. I stop to take photo of a wildflower scene and when we catch up with her, she asks us if we saw the bear. Apparently she distracted one and it darted down the trail. We did not see it, nor heard it. Bummer.

Large part of our day is a ridge walk with views into the valley we came from on one side and Lake Tahoe on the other side. It’s pretty cool. I’m looking forward to descending to the lake and having a zero day there but Swayed found out there is some celebrity golf thing going on and many hotels are booked. Hopefully we can find a room that does not cost an arm and leg.

Today Dave and I walk mostly alone. We leap frog with Swayed and Roller and the rest of the herd and every time we meet a conversation starts but when it comes to hiking, we keep our pace and breaks. Most of our friends are trying to reach Tahoe on Friday morning. It’s doable but we’re in no rush. On the contrary. We will enter Desolation Wilderness tomorrow, section I’ve been really looking forward to, and we decided to take it very slow through that part and camp by two of the lakes in the area.

With that plan we parted with our friends for the time being and we hope to reconnect with them in the town.