7/6/18 – Catching Up

Day 16

Miles: 0

We are supposed to be back on trail today but after visiting with friends some chores are left undone and so we opt to take a zero here to catch up on them. Blog entries are posted, back ups done, and resupply strategy is reconsidered. Why did we think carrying 7 days of food out of here was a good idea? Luckily there is Truckee about half way from here to South Lake Tahoe where we can mail part of our provisions and lighten our pack to more reasonable carry.

Trail Magic happens in the afternoon when parents of one of the Northbounders come to meet her and invite other hikers for beer, chips, cookies and carrots. It’s good to meet some of the Northbound crowd, though our encounter is very brief and we’ll loose them tomorrow when we head the opposite direction. Going South is an interesting experience. We ultimately meet more people but we hardly ever have a chance to have a conversation with them beyond “how are you” “what is the water situation ahead?” and “have a good hike.”

Burgers here in the General Store are the best we had on the trail so far. It seems like every town we hike to makes that claim but this time we cannot disagree. Dave and I haven’t been in the trail long enough yet to develop a hiker hunger so we choose the 1/2 lb burger over the 1 lb version. It’s grilled to perfection and it comes with grilled onions and bacon. Yum.

With full tummies we make plans for tomorrow and since tomorrow we are back on the trail, we go to bed at hiker’s midnight, the same time the locals start to get out to enjoy a weekend night.