6/23/18 – Forester Pass

Day 3

Miles: 774.72 to 788.47

The morning dawned cold, I’m starting the hike in my down jacket. I take if off soon enough but keep my mid layer little longer.

The trail takes us through a large basin surrounded by tall walls of the mountains we have to cross. It’s going good. Much better than I expected really. I find my pace and I’m able to keep it most of the way to the base of the final climb.

That’s where the trail gets steeper and more challenging. I’m feeling pretty good on the smooth party where my legs don’t have to step over obstacles or climb tall steps. Every one of these steps reminds me how high we are but still I’m doing pretty good.

At top of Forester Pass at 9:30 a.m. Didn’t think we would make it before 10:00. I’m happy with my time.

The pass is calm and warm and we hang out forever with other hikers. Everybody is in awe of the scenery, and rightfully so. This place is stunning.

There is still little bit of snow on the north side of the pass. It’s easily manageable, we even enjoy a short glissade and then there is a long downhill ahead of us along side a singing creek and some of the most rugged peaks I have ever seen.

What goes down must go back up. The uphill comes at the end of the day and it’s much steeper than climbing the pass. But at least we’re in lower altitude and the trail is partially shaded by trees.

Tomorrow we have about 7 miles ahead of us which will take us to Independence, small town where we’ll pick up resupply for the next stretch of our journey.