9/12/17 – Hopkins Lake

Day 140
Miles: 2,625.28 to 2,643.74

Total miles hiked: 2,002.72
Two thousand miles! That’s how far we walked so far. It’s a huge achievement but with Canadian border at our fingertips we didn’t do much to celebrate. Miles had to be walked and that’s what we did. 

Miles were hard today. Steep down followed by a long steep up, on a trail full of rock. Ibuprofen does little for my foot pain anymore and I had to be careful about the steps I took in order to keep the foot as happy as possible. It’s now the inner most ligament that hurts and there is constant pain under the arch of the foot. But at least since I switched to boots, I don’t feel like I walked on sand paper all day and the ball of the foot does not hurt anymore and I’m happy about it.

Pasayten Wilderness through which the trail led today was stunningly beautiful. One of the most rugged landscape we experienced on the trail full of tall exposed peaks. It looked especially beautiful dressed in the color of fall. 
The trail got rugged too once we climbed above the tree line. Long traverses awaited us with few spots that made me sweat a little. I did not care for the long exposed chutes we had to cross, nor the steep narrow trail filled with slippery scree that was next to a cliff but the rest, though tough, was a treat. 

Our day ended at Hopkins Lake. I liked the lake a lot. It was a windy one, and the wind chased the clouds above our heads, and once the clouds covered the sun, it was rather cold day but the scenery of tall colorful walls surrounding the lake was still a candy for the eye. 

Smoke from Indian Creek Fire. Very sad sight.

Less that six miles to the border from here. Who’s excited?