6/19/17 – Playing Catch Up

Day 57
Miles 0
Sage Stage bus company opened at 8:00 a.m. Dave was on the phone with them few minutes later, checking the status of reservation I submitted for the Susanville bus on Saturday. They received the reservation; however the seats for the Monday bus have to be reserved by Friday and we were told that unfortunately the bus was full. 

Did whole lot of resting today

After contacting few of our friends who rented cars to go to Ashland (public transportation does not go there from Reno at all) and who would be driving through Susanville in the way, we left the hotel to get brunch. By the time our stomachs were full, responses started rolling in, and it quickly became clear that we were not going to Susanville today.

View from our window

I did not object, staying in Reno meant I finally would get some time to catch up on my blog and few other tasks that piled up in last couple of days.

And that’s pretty much what I did for the rest of day, with an exception of a short dinner break.

Heading for dinner

If everything works tomorrow, we will have one more day in civilization and then we would be back on trail, sweating our butts off. Quite literally, the forecasts shows temperatures in high 90’s and low 100’s for the entire week ahead.