5/19/17 – Rest Day

Day 26
Miles: 0 on trail, about 2 walking in town.

Wrightwood is such a hiker friendly place. Our positive experience started the second we stepped off the trail and were immediately offered a ride to town, and it continued through the duration of our stay. 

Every place we stopped by, whether it was the breakfast place, post office or the grocery store, people wanted to hear about our trip and our plan for the Sierra, and we were offered free coffee, and 10% discount on dinner for nothing else than walking the trail. 

Even the owner of Mountain View Cabins and Motel went out of his way when he offered to do our laundry even though it’s not amenity advertised at the property.

We enjoyed a leisurely days shopping for supplies for the next stretch, which ended up being much heavier than our poor backs agreed on, hanging out with other hikers at the back porch of hiker friendly Mountain Hardware store, and later in the evening we run into a couple who is moving to the town from a city nearby and the wife’s brother who just arrived for a visit from Germany and we joined them for a drink at the Wrightwood Brewery.

Really could not wish for better time. It will be hard to leave tomorrow, and climb a 9,000+ tall peak.