Day 12

So today was our first zero day, day when we did not hike any trail miles at all. Instead we enjoyed the hospitality of a small Californian town called Idyllwild. Hikers are clearly welcome here as many “Welcome PCT hikers” signs suggest. During running our errands, we were asked to sign three different log books, locals were interested in how our hike was going. It felt like we had celebrity status, even though we haven’t achieved anything yet, most of the miles are still ahead of us. 

Lunch at Idyllwild Bakery and Brew

We did not do much resting during our rest day, chores had to be completed and we were on our feet most of the day. 

Interesting selection of stouts at Idyllwild Bakery and Brew

After dropping off laundry (Idyllwild Inn did a load for us for $5.00) and stop at a post office to mail box with some of the items we thought we might need like micro spikes to cross Fuller Ridge, we went for our first shopping adventure. We did not mail a resupply box here and so for the next stage we will live off leftovers we saved by skipping a day on trail (from Paradise Cafe to Idyllwild) and what we purchased today. I think we did well. Our food bags are heavy but not super heavy, even though that means that few dinners till next town will be ramen noodles and freeze dried vegetables.

One of the friendly signs we saw today

I feel little guilty about not hiking the section from Paradise Cafe to Idyllwild but it was a good decision. Storm is coming to town and if we didn’t cross Fuller Ridge tomorrow, we could have easily be stacked here till Tuesday, camping in the rain and cold since all hotels are booked solid for the weekend. 

Chores done, finally time to rest

My foot is holding well so far. No pain, even after the 20 mile day yesterday. But the true test will be tomorrow when we’ll haul our 7.5 days worth of food up a 5,000 foot climb of St. Jacinto (if conditions allow) and across Fuller Ridge. 

I might not have internet service in next several days but I’ll update you as soon as I can.