Day 3

Mile: 37.2 to 47.5

We decided to sleep in today. Mt. Laguna was less than 4 miles away and the post office where we needed to pick up our resupply box wasn’t opened until noon. In the end Dave only lasted in bed till seven and by 8:15 we were on the trail.
The grade flattened after an initial uphill and then even started sloping downwards. Most of the time we were protected by stately pines and oaks, trees I would not imagine to see in the desert, and there was pleasant light breeze blowing refreshing air in our faces.

It was 10:53 when we strolled to town. I used the extra time to do little laundry at the bathroom sink and recharge my phone. 

Our backs started to hurt just at a sight of our resupply box. I could not believe all the “stuff” we managed to fit in for the upcoming 5 days till Warner Springs.
I was little worried about my foot too. It did well with lighter load (we didn’t need too much water due to the cooler temperatures and so Dave offered to carry mine fit the last day and half). Luckily the pain did not resurface after I took my doze of vitamin I and even later in the evening when the pills wore off my foot still felt fine.

Our afternoon walk was lovely. Once again we mostly strolled downhill and even though the trail was sometimes quite rocky, stretches were soft dirt which felt so nice to walk on.

The views were amazing too. We walked through a burn and witness the area springing back to life and later we got our first peek at the real desert where we were to descend.

Mt. Laguna Campground became our home for tonight. Originally we wanted to hike a mile more to a site directly on the trail but tomorrow will be a long day and finishing earlier at an established campground with flat sites would allow us good rest.