Monthly Archive: August, 2018

7/29/18 – Mono Creek

Day 39 Miles: 0 + 1.4 from Ferry Landing to Trail I did something right last night. My sleeping pad is super comfortable and I sleep well. I wake up at 6:49 am,… Continue reading

7/28/18 – VVR

Day 38 Miles: 886.49 to 878.75 + 1.4 miles to VVR Ferry Landing The smoke comes and goes through the night. Sometimes I can see the peaks above the lake. Sometimes like there… Continue reading

7/27/18 – Squaw Lake

Day 37 Miles: 902.06 to 886.49 The moon is bright. I wake up several time thinking the alarm did not ring. I check the time. 11:52 pm. 3:30 am. 4:40 am. At 5:15… Continue reading

7/26/18 – Back on Trail

Day 36 Miles: 906.63 to 902.06 If somebody told me in the morning that we would be back on the trail today, I’d have my doubts. Yet here we are cozy in our… Continue reading