Monthly Archive: March, 2015

JMT – Day 16 – Marjorie Lake to Meadow at mile 169

August 18, 2014 The silver shimmer of the morning frost takes as by surprise. It shouldn’t. We are in an altitude of over 11,000 feet. Nature often paints here with its white brush,… Continue reading

JMT – Day 15 – Palisade Lakes to Marjorie Lake

August 17, 2014   As Sarah put it during our conversation last night, from now on we are on a one week backpacking trip. It’s bittersweet. While we all want to proudly pose… Continue reading

JMT – Day 14 – Knob at Mile 132 – Palisade Lakes

August 16, 2014 Inevitably today we will descent back into the trees and while Dave is excited for the return of the forest I have a hard time finding motivation to abandon the… Continue reading

JMT – Day 13 – Evolution Lake to Knob at Mile 132

August 15, 2014 Following the meandering shoreline of Evolution Lake, the trail takes us further into the basin. It’s slow going here. Not because of the tread under our feet or because of… Continue reading

JMT – Day 12 – Piutte Pass Junction to Evolution Lake

August 14, 2014 If the right opportunity presents itself, I can scream my lungs out. Right opportunity such as a snake curled on the side of the trail waiting for me to get… Continue reading

JMT – Day 11 – Marie Lake to Piutte Pass Junction

August 13, 2014   It feels good to enjoy the sunrise without the usual morning rush. We have a relatively easy day on our schedule and we already bit part of it off… Continue reading

JMT – Day 10 – VVR to Marie Lake

August 12, 2014 From Vermillion Valley there are several possible ways how to rejoin the JMT. Our choice is the slightly longer yet more scenic Bear Creek trail. The other option would be… Continue reading

JMT – Days 8 + 9 – Silver Pass Lake to VVR

August 10 – August 11, 2014   We’re having a slow, lazy morning while waiting for the sun to dry our tent. It should be an easy day today with lots of downhill… Continue reading

JMT – Day 7 – Purple Lake to Silver Pass Lake

August 9, 2014 I have always loved the peacefulness of a morning in the wilderness. The way everybody stops to witness the rise of the new day, full of possibilities and wonder. We… Continue reading

Osprey Kestrel 48 Backpack

When it comes to backpacks I put my trust in Osprey. Backpacks is what they do and they know their trade well. I bought my very first Osprey day pack in 2005 and… Continue reading